Mary J.’s Review of Our Bellevue, WA Practice


Before I met Dr. Doneskey I had not been feeling well for many years. My blood pressure was high, I was gaining weight, and my frequent headaches and jaw pain had me at the end of my rope. My doctor told me that Dr. Doneskey could help me and he certainly has!

On my first appointment he listened carefully and was very thorough and encouraging. Dr. Doneskey always gives me all the time I need. We talked about the quality of my sleep and what TMJ problems really are. In the end, I got sleep tested and was surprised to find out that I had severe sleep apnea. I still wonder why no one else ever mentioned this to me. Dr. Doneskey also helped me understand why I was getting headaches and explained to me that my poor sleep was part of the reason I was grinding my teeth so much. It has now been more than 2 years since I began treatment for my sleep apnea and TMJ problems and I am feeling great. Dr. Doneskey’s oral appliance has treated all these problems and given me my life back. My blood pressure has improved a lot, I am no longer waking up all night and I can eat and smile again.

Mary J.

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