Ann & Tom C.’s Review of Us in Bellevue, WA


My husband and I both use Dr. Doneskey’s oral appliance. We first came to the doctor through a referral from our dentist.

Before we were diagnosed with sleep apnea, my husband and I were both unaware that we had it. His snoring had been keeping me awake and my snoring had been keeping him up at night as well. It was a loud, continuous, and annoying sleep situation for both of us. Since we both started using the appliance, our snoring is completely eliminated. We are both getting better sleep and our entire family is much happier. We can both rest much easier knowing that our problems are accurately diagnosed and treated. Dr. Doneskey’s oral appliance has improved the quality of life for me, my husband, and our family.

Before using Dr. Doneskey’s oral appliance, I would only get a couple hours of continuous sleep before my apnea would wake me up. Now, I can sleep for at least six or seven hours a night without a problem.

Dr. Doneskey always makes me feel like I’m really important. He is a wonderful doctor. He is caring and compassionate, and his sense of humor makes every visit a pleasant experience. I am always very comfortable and the entire staff is warm and friendly. And, I never have to wait long.

My husband, who is normally quiet and reserved, raves about Dr. Doneskey. He made the mistake of traveling once without his oral appliance and really missed it while he was gone.

Ann & Tom C.

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