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Why Patients Don’t Like CPAP

For patients suffering from sleep apnea, the first line of defense is a continuous airway pressure machine, also known as a CPAP. It’s a machine that works by delivering a constant, steady flow of air through your nasal passages from a mask that’s worn each night. 

Though it’s the most commonly prescribed treatment for sleep apnea, most patients complain that their CPAP is loud, uncomfortable, and awkward to use. It can be restrictive and difficult to use because CPAP therapy requires you to wear a mask overnight and sleep on your back. Not to mention, the mask must be removed and reattached each time you get up during the night.

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The SilentPartner™ ⎼ Easy, Quiet & Convenient

Many of our patients in Bellevue and surrounding areas find relief using our FDA-cleared, state-of-the-art oral sleep device. The SilentPartner™ Treatment works by gently shifting your jaw forward to keep the airway open while you sleep.

Developed by Dr. Doneskey, your Bellevue sleep dentist, the SilentPartner is customized for greater use, comfort, and adjustability than CPAP therapy. It’s a favorable alternative to CPAP for patients seeking a more convenient solution for sleep apnea. Even if you don’t suffer from sleep apnea, SilentPartner can also be used to effectively treat snoring and manage TMJ symptoms.

Additional Alternatives to CPAP

There are various treatments and lifestyle changes that can help relieve sleep apnea symptoms:

  1. Losing weight can help reduce excess tissue that’s blocking the airway
  2. Positional therapy, or adjusting your sleep position, can improve breathing patterns
  3. Throat and mouth exercises strengthen your muscles, reducing symptoms
  4. Avoiding smoking and tobacco use can lessen the severity of your condition
  5. Reducing alcohol consumption can help manage sleep apnea symptoms

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a CPAP machine really work?
Are there any side effects when using a CPAP?
How do I care for and clean my CPAP?
Is an oral sleep appliance right for me?
Does a CPAP machine really work?

Yes, CPAP therapy really works! When fitted and used correctly, CPAP is an effective method of treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It will only work if the mask and air pressure is properly adjusted to your individual needs. CPAP must be worn each and every night, and removed and reattached each time you get up at night.

However, many patients dislike their CPAP and stop using it altogether because it’s awkward and uncomfortable. Dr. Doneskey offers a quiet, small, and more convenient alternative to CPAP therapy. The SilentPartner™ Treatment is a great way to tackle sleep apnea symptoms, allowing you to get the good night’s rest you deserve.

Are there any side effects when using a CPAP?

Yes, there are several minor and short-term side effects of CPAP therapy but should subside within a few days after stopping use. Some of these include:

  • Sore or dry mouth
  • Feeling of claustrophobia from mask
  • Nasal congestion, runny nose, sinusitis, or nosebleeds
  • Irritation or sores around the nose
  • Stomach bloating and discomfort
  • Discomfort in chest muscles
How do I care for and clean my CPAP?

When using CPAP, it’s crucial to keep your equipment clean and maintain its best possible condition. Make sure to rinse your CPAP mask using lukewarm water and pure soap or in water mixed with plain white vinegar. This will help eliminate unwanted odors and bacteria. It’s also important not to put your mask in direct sunlight, as it can damage the equipment.

Using soap and warm water, wash your headgear and tubing every week and leave them out to air dry. It’s also recommended that you change the filter on your CPAP machine every two months, or as needed. If you have any additional questions, give us a call at (425) 646-6409 and we’ll be happy to address any concerns you may have.

Is an oral sleep appliance right for me?

Oral appliance therapy is an effective alternative to CPAP for patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. This oral device is custom-made to perfectly fit in your unique bite, providing greater comfort and adjustability than CPAP. It’s quiet, discreet, and best of all, it doesn’t require you to wear an uncomfortable mask overnight.

Our Bellevue practice proudly offers an FDA-cleared, TMJ-friendly oral sleep device that was developed by Dr. Doneskey ⎼ the SilentPartner™ Treatment. To learn more about this convenient alternative, contact our office at (425) 646-6409 and we’ll be happy to explain all the benefits SilentPartner has to offer.

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