Without CPAP, TMJ, or Snoring

Sleep is a rejuvenating gift that keeps us healthy, makes us whole, and ready for another day…

At the Sleep Apnea and Facial Pain Center we understand the impact of restful sleep and how Sleep Apnea and TMJ disorders are closely interrelated.

We specialize in treating both disorders through comprehensive treatments for snoring, sleep apnea, and associated TMJ disorders.

For those of you who are struggling with popping, catching and locking jaws, or ear pain and congestion, we have the expertise and experience to help you manage these difficult problems as well.


Dr. Jeff Doneskey is a leading oral medicine specialist in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, and TMJ disorders. He is an industry leader and the inventor of the SilentPartner™ oral appliance to help manage these problems.

Jeffrey W. Doneskey, DMD
Certified Specialist in Oral Medicine

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The Puget Sound’s leading center

for helping people sleep better through the unique specialty care and treatment of

Sleep Apnea


TMJ Disorders

Hear from our Patients:

five golden stars for reviews

My TMJ caused pain and popping in my jaw as well as temporal and stress headaches that lasted the entire day. As a result, I was taking many over-the-counter pain killers to cope. Since using the oral appliance, the headaches are gone and I can move my mouth and jaw without pain.

Forrest W.

five golden stars for reviews

Dr. Doneskey is excellent. I always look forward to my appointments because he knows how to listen to my concerns. He is an incredible problem solver. So often, doctors don’t seem to have enough time for me or don’t pay attention to my symptoms or take my pain seriously. Dr. Doneskey always has time for me and is always ready to listen and offers solutions that work for me.

Natasha G.

five golden stars for reviews

I found Dr. Doneskey very professional, easy to talk to, and easy to work with. The whole office is that way and its nice dealing with people like that. After using Dr. Doneskey’s oral appliance, SilentPartner™, I would not go back to the CPAP.

Frank S.

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