Natasha G.’s Review of Our Bellevue, WA Practice


After using Dr. Doneskey’s oral appliance for more than two years, I don’t go to bed without it. It contributes incredibly to the level of comfort I have when I sleep. Without it, my jaw doesn’t feel the same, my teeth hurt, and my whole mouth feels uncomfortable.

Dr. Doneskey is excellent. I always look forward to my appointments because he knows how to listen to my concerns. He is an incredible problem solver. Dr. Doneskey gets to the core issues surrounding my pain and discomfort and offers great treatments that work. So often, doctors don’t seem to have enough time for me or don’t pay attention to my symptoms or take my pain seriously. Dr. Doneskey always has time for me and is always ready to listen and offers solutions that work for me.

Dr. Doneskey is the perfect combination of being an excellent doctor and a great person. His staff is wonderful. I always feel welcome and that everyone is happy to see me.

Dr. Doneskey’s treatment for my TMJ has definitely changed my life. I suffered from this problem for almost 20 years. When I found a solution, everything got so much better. Without question, I know that I am doing the best thing for myself by investing in treatment for my TMJ. I use the appliance all the time, my sleep has improved, and I’m more emotionally comfortable. I know that I am taken care of and that I will sleep well. I know that when I wake up in the morning, I can open my mouth without jaw pain and I won’t have a headache.

Natasha G.

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